What Wiped Out the Dinasaurs and Is Global Warming a Future Threat

Our human planet has harboured life before – an entire ecosystem of animals that are now no longer. While some.

Our human planet has harboured life before – an entire ecosystem of animals that are now no longer. While some remnants of the prehistoric period exist – like for example the alligator and other sea based creatures – everything above land had been wiped out in what was believed to be a meteor.

As we look back at this extinct gene line we must ask ourselves if perhaps global warming could be the next thing that wipes out the human race.

To say that global warming – something much slower moving than an asteroid – could result in the death of humanity may seem to be alarmist – however there is evidence to suggest this is not too far of – evidence in the form of previous ecological man made disasters that ended up wiping out an entire civilization.

These situations can be found in smaller test situations – like for example there is a theory that there were many communities in the past that went extinct – who lived on islands – because they chopped down all the trees. By doing this various birds would not flock and have kids there – and it would disrupt the fauna in many other ways. In the end it proved fatal for the community.

What’s worse is that the deforestation was not done as a matter of necessity but rather due to greed – as the villagers wanted to build monuments to their Gods and themselves. The industry of lumber cutting went unabated with extremely horrible circumstances and much suffering.

So we must ask ourselves if now we are doing this on a global scale – as communication increases – and we can communicate with each other extremely quickly – we must see our growth and understand that we are one community – a global community – and perhaps it is now the time to come together and work to fix this potential calamity.

Just remember the village that was going extinct did not know – and could not comprehend that the deforestation would lead to their demise – the difference with us is that we know and understand – our scientists have done the research – and we know what is happening.

If as humanity we choose to not take a step – all paleontological figures like me can only say – to some extent – that we deserved what we got.

It’s best that you see the world before global warming becomes an issue – and we recommend perhaps some small group tours europe.

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