Board & Staff

The Big Horn Basin Foundation is made up of the following board members and one paid staff member, our Executive Director:

Board Members

Chairman – Robert M. Krisko

Asst. Chair – Bill Wahl

Secretary – Janet Chimenti

Treasurer – Dave Koerwitz


London Jenks

Angie Guyon

Suki Smaglik

Linda Spear

Howard Miessler

Kevin Mosser

Jessica Lippincott – has been the Executive Director of the Big Horn Basin Foundation since January 2014. She previously worked for the Tate Museum in Casper, Wyoming as a paleontological technician from 1995-1997 where she assisted in excavation of Jurassic and Cretaceous dinosaurs and marine reptiles in the Morrison, Sundance Sea and Lance Formations. She also worked in preparation, molding, casting and display arrangement. In 1997-2000 she joined the Wyoming Dinosaur Center as a paleontological technician and prep-lab manager working in the Morrison and Sundance Sea Formations. Working in the field, lab, molding, casting and collections, she assisted various projects such as the mounting of dinosaurs and assisting in measuring the longest dinosaur in the world according to World’s Guinness Book of World Records; Seismosaurus. Jessica holds an Associates of Science Degree in General Science from Utah State University and an Associates of Science Degree in General Science from Casper College.